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What Customers are Saying

Trying to sort through the stuff that has collected in my mother's home over 50 years has been a stressful and daunting task. My family and I attempted to reduce the accumulation several times over the course of the past few years, but it was not an easy or harmonious experience. Clean-out needed to continue, but we needed someone who could look at the stuff without the attached emotions. I began to look for Professional Organizers, and found Elizabeth on Craigslist. Elizabeth is an excellent intermediary for my mother and I. She is kind, patient, calm, pleasant, thorough, methodical, organized, experienced and helpful. The three of us work very well as a team. We tackle my mother's accumulation in 4-hour intervals once a month. It's amazing the progress you can make in only 4 hours! As we wrap-up a session, we always feel encouraged. The room is in better order and we know that things going to garbage, recycling or donation are things we truly didn't want or need. Elizabeth makes excellent use of time and keeps the process focused. We also share a few laughs as we uncover 'treasures' from the past. I have to stress that a big key to the success of our work is that my mother feels comfortable with Elizabeth. If Elizabeth and I agree that my mother (probably) doesn't need it, my mother is at peace with letting it go. The de-cluttering has gone from a battle of wills, to work we look forward to doing together. Elizabeth has truly been a God-send to our family, and my mother and I highly recommend her organizational services

Laurie and Pauline, Seattle, WA

Oh, Elizabeth, how do I describe thee? Elizabeth brought the warmth and clarity of sunny summer days to my cold, disorganized, chaos of a life. Before Elizabeth, when every day was filled with countless overstuffed boxes, drawers, closets, cabinets, desks, bins, garages, utility rooms, cluttered kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, living and dining rooms full of chaos, there is now calm, order, joy and beauty. It is so peaceful and lovely now, post-Elizabeth and her magical ways.

Elizabeth didn’t simply kindly, gently and calmly work with me; she offered ingenious solutions to seemingly impossible problems. She calmly took untangled mounds of bedding and pillows and quickly re-folded each piece into a beautiful work of display art along an unused upper shelf of closet. She easily organized kitchen drawers, linen drawers, the entire utility room and the garage. She made it so I can live my life and not be overwhelmed trying to find items or too embarrassed to open a closet door (or in danger of all the contents falling out on me). She grouped items to make them easy to find, easy to use and lovely to behold. With Elizabeth there to help me be brave, I could unpack long unopened boxes from prior moves. In those boxes, I discovered treasured items I thought had been long lost. Elizabeth understood their importance to me and found a place in my home for all of them.

She gently and kindly helped me move out of my home of many years, and into a smaller space, and she helped me figure out what I really wanted and needed and what I could donate or sell. She helped me post items on eBay and Craigslist, she filled her van with items to donate, she painted, she put up paintings that had been long boxed away, she unrolled rugs, she took down and put up curtains, she moved furniture around, she re-positioned a door guard so I can actually open and close my back door without it getting stuck. Many of the big items from my old home I loved dearly but didn’t think could possibly fit in my new home. Elizabeth figured out how and where to put them so I now enjoy them every single day and night.

I can’t thank Elizabeth enough. To be honest, she changed my life. I am a much happier and content person since meeting and working with Elizabeth. When I am alone I am much happier and I can also easily have company come and visit. I have room for my friends and family to stay overnight with me because she made two previously fairly useless rooms into one beautiful guest bedroom and one charming playroom for my two young grandsons and daughter to enjoy when they visit. As a finishing touch, she hung all the artwork that had been stuck in boxes for years. And, and, and. She does it all.

Elizabeth is an absolute joy to work with as a professional organizer and as a person. She is always timely, considerate, respectful and professional. And she’s fun. Each work session we prioritized the most important areas to tackle, worked hard, celebrated our victories and admired our results. I can’t wait to work with her again and I just happen to have three boxes of unorganized photos itching to get organized and out of their stranglehold of clutter in big boxes.

In short, I am a lucky, lucky, lucky person to have met and worked with Elizabeth Weaver and I plan to work with her until every corner of my home is just the way I want to live in it. I can’t recommend her highly enough – if you hire her, you will know exactly why.


October 2019

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