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In addition to organizing services, I also provide services related to moving (including both packing up and unpacking) as well as Estate Sale services for those who need help organizing, pricing and preparing for a sale.  Below is a description of the additional services.


Clear the clutter, by identifying and evaluating items in your home that need to be donated, sold or discarded.   

Provide client with problem solving techniques and organize the space so it is easy to implement the new system.  Bring order to rooms in both residential and commercial spaces.

Moving:  Packing and unpacking

Facilitate a move to a new home.  Pack, unpack and stage your new home.  Start early and clear the clutter prior to the move.  Pack up boxes with proper labeling.  Unpack boxes and set up your home.  Stage your new home and create beautiful spaces.

Estate Sale Preparation

 Coordinate estate planning.  Whether you are a senior who is downsizing or there has been a death in your family, I can help by clearing the clutter, creating an inventory, as well as pricing, cleaning,and have a plan for leftover donations.

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